Martin’s Challenge (Défi de Florian version anglaise)


Martin’s Challenge est la version anglaise du « Défi de Florian ».

It’s with great pleasure that A.G. Editions announces the launching of “Martin’s Challenge”, a children’s book on Selective Mutism by Valerie Marschall, founder and president of the association “Ouvrir La Voix” in France.

The book is made up of 2 parts: the first part is a story for children and their families, while the second part provides helpful information and advice for parents and teachers.

In the first part, Martin shares his own true story with all the children who, like him, simply “can’t get the words out”. He speaks about his fears and his progress in overcoming Selective Mutism. With the help of his parents, the school staff and his classmates, Martin manages to break his silence and win his challenge.

Martin’s story –also available in French, Italian and Spanish- has already been an invaluable source of inspiration and hope for numerous children in their daily challenge to overcome Selective Mutism.

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